Vegpro (K) Ltd is a major Kenyan exporter of vegetables, fruits and flowers to Europe, employing 7,000 people. The broad range of horticultural products meets the highest global quality and food safety standards. Vegpro sells to local grocery shops and supermarket chains, and to global buyers in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Russia and South Africa.

The project

Through this project, Vegpro will strengthen collaboration with smallholder farmers to ensure a sustainable increase in horticultural yield, output and income of the targeted farmers while improving soil fertility and farmer resilience to changing climatic conditions through a contract farming model. The farmers will be supported to form producer cooperatives and develop climate-smart plans for their farms. Vegpro will provide high-yielding bean varieties and introduce farmers to climate-smart farming methods. As gender bias is one of the persisting challenges in rural Kenya, Vegpro intends to provide good conditions for women to participate in the contract farming through appropriate training facilities, female field officers and the introduction of improved garden pea varieties.

With support from AgriFI, Vegpro Ltd (RVP) aims to:

  • EEstablishment of 80 demonstration sites;
  • Training of farmers on good agricultural practices and certification;
  • Establishment of three aggregation centres;
  • Planting of 20,000 avocado trees.


Value chain

Fresh Vegetables

Smallholders reached


Jobs created


Acres under climate smart agriculture

1,500 hectares


Meru, Kajiado and TaitaTaveta