The Challenge FundTIPS for applicants

TIPS for applicantsLessons for applicants from Call 1 and 2

  • Ensure you are able and willing to provide substantial match-funding for the project.
  • The financial request should be within the stipulated limits and in Euros.
  • The project should demonstrate positive social and environmental impact.
  • You should demonstrate effective demand for proposed product/services.
  • The project description and rationale needs to be clear.
  • Business models should be sustainable
  • The applicant should clearly show current or intended integration of smallholder farmers/pastoralists.
  • Overall, the project should demonstrate increase in incomes for smallholder farmers/pastoralists and improvement of livelihoods.
  • You should present budgets that are realistic.
  • Ensure there is a sharing of risk on financial request e.g sharing the cost of establishing a collection center.
  • Ensure that all the project risks are identified. Identification of project risk and mitigation measures is important so that you have an understanding of the risks your are taking.
  • You should ensure that you have all mandatory compliance documents e.g. audited accounts, tax certificates and operational licenses.
  • Provide clear assumptions on how the figures/numbers for the social indicators (such as number of jobs, number if farmers, hectares under climate smart agriculture etc) were arrived at.
  • Ensure data on project contribution to creation of jobs at your company is accurate and well segregated i.e total male, female and youth that will employed directly and indirectly and other anticipated jobs (apart from the ones created at the company level) due to the project.
  • Detail your practical climate smart agriculture and green practices at farmer level as well as company level.
  • Sustainability, replicability and additionality is important. Show that the project can operate beyond the life of the project, it can be implemented elsewhere and that it is deserving of the financial support.