Rift Valley Products Limited

Rift Valley Products Ltd (RVP) is a limited liability company established in 1957 in Nakuru Kenya. The company deals with cotton lint bales, edible oils from locally grown oilseeds, oil seeds including cotton and, seed cake and meals for feed production.

The project

Rift Valley Products Ltd aims to increase income and food and nutrition security of cotton-producing smallholders inKisumu, Siaya, Busia and Homa Bay counties through socially and environmentally sustainable increase in cotton production and productivity.Cotton was a major cash crop in Kenya in 1990s but became financially unattractive and unstable enterprise for farmers due to volatile pricing, poor pest and disease surveillance, high input and transport costs, lack of organized aggregation centres for collection and the collapse of the cotton board of Kenya that left many farmers unpaid. However, under the Government of Kenya’s (GoK’s) Big Four Agenda objective of increasing the Kenyan manufacturing sector, the government is spearheading revitalization of the cotton, textile and apparel sector. The Big Four targets include increase in lint production from the existing5,500 tonnes of cotton lint to 50,000 tonnes in five years, creation of 680,000 direct jobs through cotton farming, 210 jobs at ginning level, 6000 jobs at integrated mills and 25,000 at garments manufactures targeting youth and women; import substitution of Ksh 1.2 billion and creating self-sufficiency of lint, and an export value of Ksh 8.75 billion. This provides an incentive to invest in the cotton sector to increase income, employment and profitability of farmers, ginners and other value chain actors, including youth and women.

With support from AgriFI, Rift Valley Products Ltd (RVP) aims to:

  • Contract and train 18,000 cotton farmers on good agronomical practices (GAP) and climate smart agriculture practices such as conservation & water smart agriculture, integrated pest management resulting to improved productivity.
  • Improve market linkage and supply chain through establishment of local collection centres and reducing over-reliance on middlemen to maximise on prices.
  • Revive Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certification for the ginnery.
  • Support Rift Valley Products (RVP) Ltd to provide extension and input services to cotton farmers and establish demonstration plots for sustainable cotton production.
  • Improve food and nutrition security through diversification of food base, increased purchasing power and application of integrated farming models.


Value chain


Smallholders reached


Jobs created


Acres under climate smart agriculture



Kisumu, Siaya, Busia and HomaBay