Picked and Packed

Picked and Packed (PnP) aggregates and distributes over 30 fresh products at its businesses in Meru-Igoji. It is a farmer-centric company that buys from 1,273 small scale farmers, also producing on its own farm. PnP also provides training and advisory services to its farmers.

The project

The AgriFI financing will support PnP to establish a farmers’ Centre of Excellence (CoE) run by PnP experts to support farmers to increase production and access markets for their produce. The funding will support the company to reach out to 3,500 farmers, grow its turnover from the current €800,000 to €1,748,008, create jobs for 94 full time staff, support farmers to earn €500 annually and ensure nutrition and food security for the household. This will be achieved through a business model that takes the approach of using communal land and a Centre of Excellence where farmers can gain knowledge and replicate practices at their own farms.

With support from AgriFI, Pick and Packed aims to:

  • Set up a learning centre with regular workshops and practical in-field training for crops that do well in that region.
  • Build the capacity of farmers in spraying and pesticide use and record keeping as well monitoring adherence.
  • Demonstrate climate-smart farming techniques such as rainwater harvesting.
  • Demonstrate minimizing organic waste through usage of biogas, compositing and processing of excess produce into value added products such as jams, dried fruits and vegetables.
  • Provide inputs such as fertilizers and approved pesticides to the farmers which are then deducted from the sale of produce.
  • Set up a marketing unit within the center of excellence tasked with selling all the outputs from both the center and the farmers in the PnP network.


Value chain


Smallholders reached


Jobs created


Acres under climate smart agriculture

1,400 hectares


Embu, Meru and Machakos