Olivado EPZ Limited

Olivado EPZ Ltd (OEPZ) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of organic fair trade avocado oil. The company manufactures a range of cold pressed extra virgin oils and natural cooking oils for the edible and cosmetic oil international markets. Olivado operates as a social enterprise integrating small scale farmers into international value chains for fresh avocado, edible and cosmetic grade oils.

The project

The company will integrate mango processing into its established avocado business, providing a reliable market to mango farmers and helping to reduce post-harvest losses amongst smallholders in the sector.

  • The project will train 10,345 mango-farmers to introduce climate smart agricultural practices, and apply a value chain approach to their farm work.
  • In addition to training, OEPZ will secure and sustain a reliable supply of mangoes from 6,287 harvesting (contracted) farmers in four project locations.
  • 2,500 mango farmers will receive pruning services to increase yields, among other CSA interventions.
  • OEPZ will diversify into mango processing with the purchase processing and packaging equipment for mango flour equipment and will augment existing production equipment with the purchase of an aseptic packing line.
  • The project will support current innovations in waste management and energy production through biogas plants that use waste from avocado and mango operations.



Manufacturing (Avocado)

Smallholders reached

10,000 (36% W,30%Y)

No. of smallholder suppliers

6,287 (40W,30%Y)

Jobs created


Acres under climate smart agriculture


Vol. of produce sourced/marketed



Embu, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Makueni