Ndumberi Dairy Farmers

Ndumberi Dairy Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd is a member-owned dairy cooperative on the outskirts of Kiambu town in Ndumberi Township. The cooperative has been operating for over 50 years.

The project

With AgriFI support Ndumberi Dairy will support the increase in milk production and provide a stable market for raw milk at competitive prices.

  • To overcome oversupply of milk, the cooperative will install an Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk processing plant, giving an opportunity to process and store while getting the market. This also gives an opportunity to extend the market to arid and semi arid lands (ASAL) areas. Milk will also be processed into yoghurt and packaged pouch milk.
  • The cooperative will source hay from ASAL regions to ensure dairy farmers in Kiambu have access to high quality, low priced fodder throughout the year. The co-operative will construct a 10,000 bale capacity hay barn and will supply to the farmers at least 60,000 bales of hay.
  • The project will enhance smallholder farmers’ capacity on various aspects including good animal husbandry, fodder management, agribusiness and climate smart practices. Additionally, the co-operative will offer practical extension services to the farmers in silage making and fodder conservation techniques per year.
  • Installation of biogas for green energy (heating and lighting) and organic farming by use of bio-slurry to grow fodder and nutritional human food at their kitchen gardens. As a result, farmers will be able to access a low-cost supply to heat and light energy. They will also install solar lighting and water heating system in their homes.
  • Enhance the capacity of the extension team to better support farmers.



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