Kutoka Ardhini

Kutoka Ardhini’s main business is farming and sourcing essential oils crops with small-scale farmers and selling to Fair oils EPZ for processing, value addition and marketing to different clients across the globe. Kutoka Ardhini sources plant based natural ingredients to produce vegetable and essential oils from small holder farmers and supplies them to Fair oils EPZ. These crops are either distilled or pressed into essential and vegetable oils for the cosmetic, nutritional, flavor/fragrance, and aromatherapy industries.

The project

The project is transforming the lives of smallholder farmers through expansion of operations in Lunga Lunga - Kwale County and Nanyuki - Laikipia County which is reaching more smallholder farmers and offering irrigation solutions.

Project activities

  • Contracting additional farmers and increase their yield.
  • Training of farmers.
  • Equipping 475 new and existing farmers who have access to water with low cost 400m2 drip irrigation systems and water storage tanks.
  • Establishing 42 new innovate water collection kits for collection of rainwater.
  • Providing dam liners for 22 community group dams with a capacity of 50,000 Litres.


Value chain

Essential oils - Tea tree, Eucalyptus Citiodora, Eucalyptus Globulus and Sesame

Land under Climate- Smart Agriculture

461 hectares

Smallholders reached


Target Jobs



Kwale, Laikipia