Instaveg Ltd

Instaveg Ltd is a legally registered Company that has been in operation since 2014. It aggregates and packs a range of horticultural produce for export companies, as well as for the local retail market. The company works on a contract farming model through which it engages with around 300 smallholder farmers, both in groups and as individuals. The company works with cooperatives through which it offers logistics, extension services and quality assurance.

The project

The proposed project involves building a new pack-house with cold chain transport and storage facilities. This is to be complemented with investment and training in pre-and post-harvest management along the VC including agronomy, harvesting, handling, storage, processing, transportation, and marketing. The company previously held GlobalGAP certification (expired during the pandemic) which facilitated market access to a degree. Through the project the company proposes to acquire BRC and SMETA certification to secure broader market access.

With support from AgriFI, Instaveg Ltd aims to:

  • Improve Compliance and traceability
  • Increase competitiveness and productivity
  • Improve forward market integration
  • Mobilize 273 farmers, renovate and construct farmer produce holding sites that are accessible to all farmers.
  • Train farmers on GAP and post-harvest technologies.
  • Construct a pack-house at Kianjiru centre and improve their cold chain from farm to packing house, this will help reduce post-harvest loss to 15% from 30%.
  • Implement traceability software for integrated in the website design for customers both local and international to get information about the product including source, date of harvest, crop protection history among others.
  • Revive the input store, nursery and a demo plot within the packhouse site.


Value chain


Smallholders reached


Jobs created



Kirinyaga, Laikipia, Nyeri