Greenforest Foods

Greenforest Foods (“Greenforest”) is a private agro-processing company founded in 2000. The company is a major producer of refined honey, food-grade beeswax, and processed groundnuts. The two main groundnut products include roasted groundnuts as snacks and groundnuts as ingredients for restaurants. Major customers include supermarkets and restaurants.

The project

Greenforest is facing increasing challenges in sourcing groundnuts in Kenya with acceptable aflatoxin levels. As a result, the company sources over half of its groundnuts, shelled, from aggregators in Malawi. In Kenya, Greenforest sources its raw groundnuts in-shell directly from the farmers at stable and predictable prices resulting in superior quality control. Greenforest aims to source all its groundnuts in Kenya and is therefore expanding its out-grower base in the AgriFI project.

Project activities

  • Establishing 5 collection centres equipped with digital training & monitoring tools shelling machines and aflatoxin testing kits.
  • Training 30 lead farmers and establishing demo plots ensuring skills transfer and sustainability after project closure. At the demo plots, farmers are being trained in climate-smart technologies, good agricultural practices and post-harvest management.
  • The project is creating awareness and training in Aflasafe application. Aflasafe is a safe natural solution to the Aflatoxin problem consisting of friendly fungal spores that establish themselves ahead of other fungal strains, therewith reducing aflatoxin contamination by up to 80-100%.
  • Establishing a seed multiplication system through 40 identified farmers who will multiply improved and certified seed.


Value chain


Land under Climate- Smart Agriculture

1,280 acres

Smallholders reached


Target Jobs



Baringo and Elgeyo Marakwet