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FAQAbout the AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund

The AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund is designed to integrate smallholder farmers and pastoralists into commercial agriculture. This will be done by addressing identified needs, challenges and opportunities of Kenyan farmers to practice environmentally sustainable and climate-smart agriculture as a business in market-integrated value chains. The action is part of the EU/Government of Kenya programme ”Support to productive, adapted and market integrated smallholder agriculture, including a contribution to the Africa Investment Facility (AgriFI)”, aimed at leveraging investment with a value chain approach on smallholder inclusivity and agri-business development.

The funds specific objective is that 100,000 smallholder farmers/pastoralists are better integrated in value chains. By targeting, supporting and enabling at least 50 Agri-enterprises to increase their turnover (by at least 25%), this will in turn increase incomes for at least 100,000 smallholders/pastoralists. It will contribute to a 70% increase in smallholder/ pastoralist production marketed and will result in at least 20,000 hectares under climate-smart land management practices. Additionally, the project seeks increased access to finance (credit, banks, investment) for complementary investments by downstream value chain actors.

FAQEligibility to the Challenge Fund

The AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund is aiming to support projects put forward by small and medium sized agri-enterprises with business models that are integrating smallholder farmers/pastoralists into value chains. The agri-enterprises need to demonstrate how they are benefiting smallholder farmers/pastoralists. This may be through the establishment of a new activity or expansion of existing activities in specific or all nodes of the value chain.

See here for eligibility and exclusion criteria

FAQThe Approach

FAQThe Financial Support Application Process

The project concept notes (PCNs) will be received through AfriCUBE through the link  in English language. AfriCUBE allows applicants to register, submit project concept notes.

The applicants are advised to read the section on eligibility and exclusion criteria to assess whether their organisation and project fit the objectives and criteria of the Challenge Fund.

To submit an application, the applicant will be required to register. The applicant is required to agree to the Terms and Conditions of AfriCUBE to complete registration. Upon registration the applicants will fill out a standard application form online for the project concept notes. The AfriCUBE Portal allows applicants to save and continue and/or edit at a later stage without losing already entered information.

FAQThe Online Application Process

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